I moved!

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Hey everyone!


Sorry this blog has been very quite for a long time. I have so much to catch up on and update on this site.


I have some big news; I’ve moved from living in the gaslamp of downtown San Diego to live in a quite town home in Monterey, CA!


It is a huge change. Back in SD, my biggest annoyance was drunk people walking the streets and yelling “WOOOOOO!” at all hours of the night. Now most of my grievances stems from gophers in my yard.


I’m still not entirely unpacked and I’m still getting to know the area but I will keep everyone posted and I’ll be uploading new photos to this site and to my Flickr site.



Opening on Friday

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I’m using my show opening at Coffee and Art this Friday as an excuse to do a lot of baking and drinking.

So far I’m planning on baking brownies, zucchini bread, banana nut bread, and oatmeal cookies.

I will also be making up a bunch of sangria in addition to bringing a big bottle of my favorite Riesling (Schmitt Sohn) and maybe some Pacificos.

There will also be some of the ubiquitous deli party spirals and veggies and dip that are always at these shin digs.

So if you are going to be around Downtown SD on Friday, then come by and take a look at my photos and eat my eats, and drink my drinks.

Here is some more info about the show.

One month in

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I’m quickly approaching the one month anniversary of creating this site.

I got everything set up and running after a few days of feverish work and then it just became a matter of filling in the blank spots with photos and better content. It is easy (but time consuming) work and I never expected that I still wouldn’t have it done by now.

It isn’t a terrible thing though. I didn’t run out of steam. I’ve just been distracted by more exciting events.

Soon after starting this site, I started talking to the guys at Coffee and Art about showing my work in their space. So I spent a lot of time getting about 20 pieces printed, matted, framed, and hung; as well as getting post cards and posters made up and all that other stuff that goes with this kind of thing.

At the same time, I’ve been working toward adopting a greyhound from GAC in El Cajon! It is quite the process. There are applications, interviews, home inspections, and I’ve toured the facilities and met with the dogs a couple times. They take great care to match the dogs to their people and yesterday I met with my potential adoptees and picked out my dog!

I’ve already gathered every conceivable item a new greyhound would require and now I’m just waiting until this Saturday to go back and pick him up.

So this Friday is my gallery opening and then Saturday I’m getting my dog! I’m stoked 😀

“Tiny Planets” Show Opening!

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I have a gallery opening May 27th (Friday) at Coffee and Art from 4-8pm!

Aside from the some 20 or so works that are going to be on display, I’ll also have lots of finger foods, home baked goods, and refreshments.

So if you are going to be in the gaslamp, then come by for some eats and drinks and art!


Here are the directions:

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$1 prints coming soon!

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To help promote my work, I’m going to start selling framed and signed 4×6″ prints of my work for $1.


These won’t be some crappy 1 hour drug store prints either. These will be prints printed by the professionals at Chrome with the same quality paper that I use for all of my large prints.


I will be selecting what I believe to be a good sampling of my work to print. If anyone is interested in a particular photo from my Flickr account, then just send me an email and I’ll be sure to include that photo in my print order!


Just be sure to email me before I place my order on Wednesday (May 4th).


Still working….

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Hey everyone!

It has been three days since I’ve started this site and I’m still working at it.

I mostly have everything in place and working the way I want it to and now it is mostly a matter of adding content.

My goal is to finish added in everything before Monday!

Aviary Planet

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Aviary Planet

This is one of my more popular photos and definitely one of my favorites. It is also one of my first photos using this technique. I didn’t know what I was doing when I set out to take this photo and it is a wonder that it came out at all.

This photo combines HDR and Stereographic Projection techniques to make a unique ‘tiny planet’.

Photographed outside of the Botanical Building in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

Chicano Park

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Chicano Park

This was taken in Chicano Park under the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego and it is an HDR / Stereographic Projection

Rained Out

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Rained Out

This was photographed on the opening weekend for the Padre’s ’11 season.

It was supposed to be a huge deal because they were playing the Dodgers and there were going to be fireworks…. but then it rained.

Plant Study – 12

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Plant Study – 12

This is a handheld infrared photo of a fern photographed in the Botanical Building of San Diego’s Balboa Park.