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I’m quickly approaching the one month anniversary of creating this site.

I got everything set up and running after a few days of feverish work and then it just became a matter of filling in the blank spots with photos and better content. It is easy (but time consuming) work and I never expected that I still wouldn’t have it done by now.

It isn’t a terrible thing though. I didn’t run out of steam. I’ve just been distracted by more exciting events.

Soon after starting this site, I started talking to the guys at Coffee and Art about showing my work in their space. So I spent a lot of time getting about 20 pieces printed, matted, framed, and hung; as well as getting post cards and posters made up and all that other stuff that goes with this kind of thing.

At the same time, I’ve been working toward adopting a greyhound from GAC in El Cajon! It is quite the process. There are applications, interviews, home inspections, and I’ve toured the facilities and met with the dogs a couple times. They take great care to match the dogs to their people and yesterday I met with my potential adoptees and picked out my dog!

I’ve already gathered every conceivable item a new greyhound would require and now I’m just waiting until this Saturday to go back and pick him up.

So this Friday is my gallery opening and then Saturday I’m getting my dog! I’m stoked 😀

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